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Seek peace...and pursue it : Psalm 34:15

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In Search of Peace and Security:
A National Teach-In

Sunday, September 29, 2002

In Search of Peace and Security: A NationalTeach-in on Israel is a Reform Movement program designed to engage Reform Jews with the critical issues facing Israel today. Over 300 congregations have participated in the teach-in to date.

The goals of this teach-in are twofold. One is to strengthen our knowledge and understanding of Israel's history and choices she faces in seeking a peaceful and secure future. The other is to address what role we Reform Jews can play toward her peaceful future. This teach-in is the beginning of what we hope will be a program of dialogue and action that will take place in many of our synagogues.

The teach-in is a project of Seeking Peace, Pursuing Justice, a program of the UAHC dedicated to educating the Reform movement around issues Israel faces in her pursuit of peace, security, and social justice.

Should you have questions about the material, please contact Esther Lederman at 212.650.4162 or elederman@uahc.org.

Introduction to the Materials:

The program materials have been designed for use in a range of settings and a variety of formats. Both large and small congregations will find these materials useful. Some parts of the program will work more naturally with one large group; others will work better with smaller groups. We've included a number of suggestions for you to choose from. It is up to you as an organizer of this teach-in to pick and choose which models work best for your congregation.

To locate a local congregation that is participating in the teach-in, please contact Esther Lederman at 212.650.4162 or elederman@uahc.org.

Table of Contents
The materials below are Microsoft Word documents.
If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can install the viewer from the Microsoft Web site.

Program Outline and Suggested Program Time Lines
Introduction: Setting the Context
Rubric I: Historical and Political Framework

Rubric II: Current Issues

Rubric III: Encouraging Open Conversation
Rubric IV: Follow-Up Activities
Conclusion: Together as a Community
Lesson Plans for Religious School
Resource Packet for Participants

This program has been developed in consultation with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, ARZA/WORLD UNION, North America, Women of Reform Judaism, and the North American Federation of Temple Brotherhoods.

Israel Teach-In PowerPoint Presentation (as a web document)

Israel Teach-In PowerPoint Presentation (as a PowerPoint download)

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