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Seeking Peace, Pursuing Justice

Seek peace...and pursue it : Psalm 34:15

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II. Seeking Peace Bulletin

Issue #15
May 9, 2002

Three Opportunities to Help Israel

Buy Israeli
Help the Israeli economy by purchasing Israeli products. A variety of Israeli-made products are available for purchase on-line on the following web sites: http://www.israelexport.org and http://www.shopinisrael.com. Examples of products include wine, chocolate, Judaica and much more. Consider advertising the site on your synagogue web site, in your newsletter or forward this to family and friends.

Support Israeli Soldiers
If you are interested in making a donation to support Israeli soldiers, we encourage you to check out the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, located at http://www.israelsoldiers.org/

Come to Volunteer
The Jewish Agency for Israel hopes to bring 1,000 volunteers to Israel over the next few months to help with social services needs resulting from the intifada. Volunteer opportunities will last from 2-4 weeks for people ages 18-65. Among those needed are physicians, people to assist emergency medical technicians, kibbutz volunteers, and people to work with special needs children. For information, e-mail ipc@jazo.org.il or call (212) 339-6063. More information can be found at http://www.jewishagency.org.il.