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Seeking Peace, Pursuing Justice

Seek peace...and pursue it : Psalm 34:15

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I. Articles

I. Articles & Speeches

Articles, op-eds and speeches will be added to this section on a regular basis. These articles represent the opinions of their writers, and not necessarily those of the Reform Movement.

Jewish, Christian and Muslim Leaders Pray for All Victims of the War, Express Concerns Over Possible Consequences, and Renew A Call for Active U.S. Efforts for Peace in the Middle East
U.S. Interreligous Committee for Peace in the Middle EAst
March 21, 2003

Silence is Alienation
by David Saperstein and Mark Pelavin, The Jerusalem Post
February 23, 2003

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Israel Debate
By Jill Jacobs, The Forward
February 21, 2003

Letter to Prime Minister Sharon on his Reelection
From Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, President of UAHC
February 13, 2003

For Our Sins, by Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie
From Tikkun Magazine, for the High Holy Days

What Now? Palestinians, Israelis, and America's Options
by Professor Steve Spiegel
Middle East Insight,May/June 2002

Speaking out in the Spirit of Buber
by Rabbi David Ellenson
The Forward,May 30, 2002

Hitler is Dead
by Leon Wieseltier
The New Republic,May 27, 2002

Yes, It's Broken, Now Fix It
by Henry Siegman, Washington Post
May 19, 2002

Undermining Israel, With No Alternatives
By Eric H. Yoffie
The Forward
May 17, 2002

A Larger Canvas
By Samuel R. Berger
The Washington Post
May 17, 2002

Talking with the "Enemy": Fledling Jewish-Arab Dialogue Struggles Through Intifada's Violent Reality
By Debra Nussbaum Cohen The Jewish Week
May 10, 2002

Remarks by Condoleeza Rice, National Security Adviser
American Jewish Committee
May 9, 2002

Hitting the Wall: Why a West Bank Fence Won't Protect Israel
by Warren Bass, Slate
May 8, 2002

Rabbinic and Cantorial Students for a Just Peace
A copy of their statement, uring American Jews to support Israel while alsoc recognizing the needs of Palestinian civilians and an end to the occupation.

Replanting Trees, Rebirthing Hopes for Peace
By Rabbi Gerry Serotta
Temple Shalom
Chevy Chase, MD

In late January, Rabbi Gerry Serotta participated in a tree-planting mission to Israel, sponsored by Rabbis for Human Rights. He was one of the representatives of the Reform Movement within the delegation. Several other Reform rabbis participated as well. This is his story.

Remarks by Rabbi Michael Melchior
As Delivered at the Israel Solidarity Rally
Washington, DC; April 15, 2002

Why Israel's Mission Must Continue
By Nitzan Alon
The New York Times
April 12,2002

Forced Off the Air in Ramallah
By Daoud Kuttab
The New York Times
April 6, 2002

Suicidal Lies
By Tom Friedman
The New York Times
March 31,2002

President Bush on the Middle East
Thursday, April 4, 2002

The attached is a speech given by President Bush on the Middle East and announcing Secretary of State Powell's upcoming trip to Israel.

Death Wish
Washington Post editorial
April 4, 2002

There Are Two Wars Here
By Amos Oz
Ma'ariv, April 1,2002

Dangerous Certainty about Israel
By Judith Stern Peck
The NY Jewish Week, March 29,2002

Bereaved Israeli and Palestinian Parents Come Together
By Ghazi Birgit & Yitzhak Frankenthal
USA Today, March 14, 2002

U.S. Interreligious Committee Welcomes New Zinni Mission for a Ceasefire and Negotiations
U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace In the Middle East represents national leaders from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Rabbi Lennard Thal, Vice-President of the UAHC, serves as one of three co-chair people of the Committee.

Reservists' Courageous Choice
By Leonard Fein
The Forward

Restoring Public Confidence in Peace
By David Newman
The Jerusalem Post

The First Alexandria Declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land
January 21,2002
The following is a declaration which was signed by Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders during a historic two-day interfaith conference in Alexandria, Egypt.

Refugees and Reparations in the Middle East
By Yoel Esteron
The New York Times

Peace of Mind Through Dialogue
By Elias Botto
The San Mateo County Times
Elias Botto is a retired garment manufacturer, a Palestinian originally from Jerusalem. He is a member of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue who lives in San Mateo.

Professor Yuli Tamir, former Israeli Minister of Immigration and Absorption
This is the transcript of the speech Professor Yuli Tamir, former Israeli Minister of Immigration and Absorption gave at the UAHC Biennial on December 6, 2001.

Speaker of the Israeli Knesset Avram Burg
This is the transcript of the speech Speaker of the Israeli Knesset Avram Burg gave at the UAHC Biennial on December 6, 2001, via satellite from Tel Aviv.

Rabbi Uri Regev
This is the transcript of the speech Rabbi Uri Regev, recently appointed director of the World Union for Progrssive Judaism, gave at the UAHC Biennial on December 6, 2001.

Fighting the Flesh Trade
By Marion Marrache
The Jerusalem Post
An illuminating article about the issue of sex-trafficking in Israel.

Chanukah in Israel: Night One
By Stephanie Kolin

A Constituency Ready for Peace
By J.J. Goldberg
The New York Times

Secretary Powell on the Middle East
University of Louisville, KY
November 19, 2001

What Next
By Sari Nusseibeh
This article was published simultaneously in Israeli and Palestinian newspapers.

October 29, 2001
The text of a joint Israeli-Palestinian declaration follows.

To Bring Peace, Israel Needs a Policy
By Leonard Fein
The Forward

Eastern Middle School
By Thomas L. Friedman
The New York Times

"The Hatred Does Not Take Over Our Lives"
By Matthew A. Gutman
The Jewish Week

Muslim Breaks Bread with Jew; Rosh Hashanah Meal Seen as Way to Build Bridges
By Phinjo Gombu
The Toronto Star

Campers Plant Seeds of Peace
Even While Violence Rages in Mideast

By Matthew E. Berger
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

At Sbarro: A Seat in the Back Saved My Life
By Rabbi Binny Freedman

An Islam Much Forgotten
By Yossi Klein Halevi in The New York Times

Arafat and the Power of Persuasion
By Martin Indyk in The New York Times

A Mideast Partnership Can Still Work
By Yossi Beilin & Yasir Abed Rabbo in The New York Times

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Declaration

Leading Israeli academics and writers recently met with prominent Palestinian academics and activists. Here is their joint statement in support of ending the violence and returning to negotiations.

Israel Needs a True Partner for Peace
By Ehud Barak in The New York Times

Not Arafat's Fault?
By William Safire in The New York Times

Quest for Mideast Peace: How and Why it Failed
By Deborah Sontag in The New York Times

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